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Hi, my name is Geoff. Thanks for visiting. My passion for the Tri-5 Chevy’s began from my earliest memories. My dad bought his first car in 1965. It was a 1957 Chevy Belair 4dr Sedan. He and Mom brought me home from the hospital in that car. Several 57’s followed for him. He especially loved Hardtops and owned several. His personal favorite of the bunch was a Matador Red and India Ivory 2dr HT with an original 2×4 270 hp 283 and a 3 speed. Often, his friends would stop by with their Tri-5's for some wrench time or to just hang out. I would always be near by.

Dad taught me mechanical skills while doing engine swaps, brake jobs, tune-ups, clutch R&R, etc. He taught me to memorize 18436572 by the time I was 5. By the time I was 10, I could use a dwell meter to set points, a vacuum gauge to adjust the carb., and also the “ping” test to set maximum timing.

Finally, in 1984 I bought my very own 57 Chevy. I still have that one. A Yellow Bel Air 2dr Sedan that has become my trademark. I was happy with just one for a while, but in ’91 I bought #2. It’s a 57 210 4dr wagon and it's a keeper also. After that, the flood gates were thrown wide open and I have had many 55-56-57's and nearly every model. I usually have 10–15 at any given time.

Also in 1991, I started Classic Chevy Supply with the focus on buying parts cars and selling used parts at the Pomona swap meet in California. By 1997 I finished my first total restoration. I still sell used parts and rescue abandoned classics. Some get a frame off restoration and others just get the ugly knocked off and resold as projects.

I have spent my entire life in, on, around and under 55, 56, and 57’s. I have been honing my skills with metal, body work and paint since the early 90’s. I have built up a strong network of skilled craftsmen. Here at McIntyre’s, we can provide all levels of repair and restoration services.

Tri-5 Chevy’s are my legacy. As such, I hold the view NOT that I own these cars, but RATHER I have the fortune of being temporary caretaker. Therefore, if I do my part in the preservation of these cars, they will live on long after I’m gone.

Be blessed and best wishes on your journey to preserve our classic car heritage.

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